This article includes latest fashion fabrication with the title of Gul Ahmed winter collection 2015-16. Browse to review by heart and go to a richest selection and beautify your wardrobe for fall winter season. Every fashion clothing lover in Pakistan knows what is the “Gul Ahmed”?

Gul Ahmed is a name of confidence, trust, luxuriousness, lusciousness and much more. The Gul Ahmed Group (established in 1953) is a Pakistani company that includes Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Gul Ahmed Energy and Habib Metropolitan Bank. More recently, a chain of retail outlets has been founded under the name “Ideas by Gul Ahmed”. The group’s other concerns go by the name of Swisstex Chemicals (Private) Limited, which is a large chemical distribution company that has the sole rights for supplying Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Pakistan. The group has invested in outsourcing information technology with Arwen Technologies. However in clothing fashion, Gul Ahmed proves itself as a trendsetter from few last decades.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2015-16
Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2015-16

Gul Ahmed clothing brand lights in the fashion industry in Britain. Gul Ahmed launches collection for girls, women and men. Gul Ahmed latest collection of trendy and chic has been launched. There many winter clothes and dresses in it. All these clothes and dresses are latest fashion on demands by the consumers. Silk is used in this collection they love the embroidery work on the costumes on consumer’s demand to make them brighter and more exclusive. Gul Ahmed’s winter collection is very fashionable and good-looking gallery of clothing for upcoming winter season. It is apt for the current season according to current fashion standard of Pakistani ladies.

Graciously exhibited Gul Ahmed winter collection 2015-16 includes some extraordinary delighted and good-looking outlines over an extensive mixture of finest clothing fabrications making the continue winter season more protective and memorial. Gul Ahmed velvet designs deliberated with prettiest embroideries makes the Gul Ahmed’s winter collection important part of the winter season wardrobe. Furthermore, the winter season brains has been reserved alive with Gul Ahmed elite silk velvet, pashmina, linen, khaddar and corduroy fabric with appalling squashes and embroidered designs like royal red, violet, purple, magenta, orange, yellow, midnight blue etc. Browse for Gul Ahmed and choose winter stuff get inspired.

Gul Ahmed Black and White Winter Dresses

Custom made clothing have own charm and beauty for casual wear. Gul Ahmed black and white monochrome winter dresses are sleek and stylish for casual wear to protect the cool hours and making the moments more memorial. Noir is best style to illustrate dark nights and snowy days of the winter. The dazzling combination of black and white can build winter charm in your personality.

Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Lawn Dresses

Other one most beautiful and practical dress for fall winter may be lawn fabrics launched recently by Gul Ahmed with a colorful matching and contrasts. The consumers who love to wear lawns in winter season can stay with this one beautiful collection. Colors are visual manifestation; we wear different colors to portray who we are and how we should be looked. If you want pivotal look in ongoing fashion trends, surely Gul Ahmed’s fall winter lawn collection provides you a wide range selecting spot where you can choose colors, quality and fabrics long lasting theme to wear creating a natural imagination of uniqueness.

Let us to have a quick review to the collection below present by Gul Ahmed winter wearing for 2015-16 considering the Almighty Allah has made the universe most beautiful and colorful, choose and enjoy the colors of nature.

Gul Ahmed Winter Wears
Gul Ahmed Winter Collection

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