Lip balm is a wax like substance applied topically over lips to moisturize them as well as to relieve cold sores on the surface of chapped lips. In this article, we will introduce you various methods how to make homemade lip balm with honey.

Various cosmetic brands have revolutionized the entire cosmetic industry by introducing new range of lip balms with different flavors. It has turned your selection slightly difficult and time consuming. In order to solve this problem, we make you to learn easy and quick methods to form lip balm with honey in a diverse way. Initially lip gloss was used to keep lips hydrated and protected but now lip balm is commonly used among women belonging to every age group. Generally speaking, dry air, cold temperature and winds have a drying effect on human skin by drawing moisture away from body. Consequently, lips are most vulnerable because of thin skin. As lips are included among apparent and exposed parts of face so its protection and care matters a lot to keep you healthy and gorgeous.

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm with Honey

The primary purpose of lip balm is to provide an occlusive layer on lip surface to seal moisture and shield them from external exposure. In addition to all this, lip balm contains various medicaments like salicylic acid, phenol, anti oxidants which provide you additional benefits and safeguards from bacteria and germs. Moreover, presence of numerous quality flavors, sunscreen agents and fragrance give you lip comfort with a soft touch.

Talking about homemade recipes for lip balm with honey, keep in mind that we have to use some basic ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E in initial step. Now we are going to make you familiar with these homemade recipes to make lip balm. Be convinced that all following methods are result oriented and economical which you can try easily. Lip balm can be applied with a finger or it can be stored in lipstick style from where you can apply directly on your lips. You can make diverse options for flavor and fragrance depending upon your personal choice.

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm

Glossy Coconut Lip Balm Recipe

One of the most amazing lip stain type is glossy lip balm which you can make your own by following method.


Beeswax or honey

Coconut oil

Vitamin E

 Metal container

Vanilla essence

Sauce pan

Wooden spoon


To make glossy lip balm, first of all, made amalgamation of beeswax, coconut oil and vitamin E in a glass. Next, get a pan filled with half way water and boil it. When it gets half boiled, turn off the burner and put the glass of mixture in it. Thus the whole oils will be melted after this, add few drops of vanilla essence along with lipstick color and pour it in lip balm container or small jar to get it cool. Thus, your glossy coconut lip balm is ready to apply with a shiny and shimmery effect.

Picture of Homemade Glossy Coconut Lip Balm Recipe


Coco Rosey Lip Balm Recipe

Coco rosey lips balm is one of most useful homemade recipe exercised by women. Let us to check out how it can be made?


Cocoa butter

Vitamin E oil

Honey drops

Dried rose petals

Coconut oil

Red rose essence


First of all, on very low heat melt the coconut oil and butter in a stainless steel bowl or pot. When it is heated add rose petals along with buds and stir well with spoon. Now steep it for half hour on low heat and stain the melted material through fine mesh in a bowl. Now add vitamin E oil, few honey drops with rose essence and stir well until it turns into solution. Transfer it into lip balm container and let it to cool for three hours. Thus you can make this attracting and glowing lip balm in simple way.

Pictures of Homemade Coco Rosey Lip Balm Recipe


Minty Chocolate Lip Balm Recipe

Minty chocolate lips balm is another most useful homemade recipe exercised by women and girls. Let us to check out how it can be made?




Shea butter

Cocoa butter

Vitamin E

Peppermint essence oil


Place the Shea and coconut butter in some bowl and heat it for twenty minutes. Stir it well with wooden spoon. After this, add beeswax and whisk it properly to make it smooth. As the mixture is melted, remove it from heat and add vitamin E oil, peppermint essence oil and shake it well. In the end, transfer this homogenous mixture in lip balm pot or jar to let it cool. It is another very appealing and sparkling lip balm which can surely moisturize your lips.

Pictures of Homemade Minty Chocolate Lip Balm Recipe


To conclude the above discussion, we can say that there are so many kinds of lip balms but it can be hard to find the right one so the above mentioned recipes can prove a valuable guide how to make lip balm with honey by your own. You can experiment with these methods by adding strawberry or green tea essence depending upon your personal choice of flavor and color. Moreover, the use of these lip balms gives a shiny and eye catching appearance to your entire personality.