28 years old Lauren Conrad is most famous fashion designer due to her beautiful hairstyles and substantive contribution in clothing and other outfit’s fashion. She is well known American Television personality and author but her work for fashion industrsies always makes the Lauren Conrad (full Lauren Katherine Conrad) key personality in current celebs list from United States.

So as per our topic in this article we have published few pictures about her dynamic changes in hairstyling currently she has adapted and earned a worldwide familiarity. Generally young girls and conscious women feel proud by following the Lauren Conrad’s hairstyles in updo, blonde ombre, blonde highlights, curly ponytails, bangs, and braids for functions, weddings and party celebrations. Simply we can say Lauren Conrad is an iconic personality for the females who wants to exhale current trends of beautiful hairstyles in various styles introduced by her. It will not meaningless if we say she is a home stylist for all working and domestic ladies and girls.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2014

Basically Lauren Conrad has been blessed naturally ranges of colors dark blonde to light brown ombre having several color tones between the blonde and brown textures. Be sure we with the motto of best serving frame of mind are paying fond attention to Lauren Conrad’s life styles. We are caring about what she wears, adapts and how she appears in her special contests. Today most important thing that has inspiring element is her beautiful hairstyles. After reviewing the whole habitual activities, she is never behind the striking celeb’s hairstyles like Taylor Swift, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez 2015. According to my own opinion, Lauren Conrad’s styles are leading stuffs for upcoming times, especially her long layered looks with bangs for 2016 that is really breathtaking hairstyle.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2015

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles How To?

As above we have explained Lauren Conrad styles her hair in various manners according to event’s perceptions, but her each style is unique and adaptable for females. Here you have to need to learn about few basic tips how to Lauren Conrad develops her hair in much striking and fabulous form.

Blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron and branded hair jell or hairspray is essential accessories to follow the Lauren Conrad’s pretty hairstyles. To get a professional look you must fully aware to heat, apply jell or hairsprays and to use the hair iron in proper and secure way. Let to review celeb’s each style how she makes it.

To get required style, heat the hair, apply jell to soft and sort the tresses to your required shapes as you want to adapt. For example if you have curly tresses, you should use flat iron to straight, conversely straight tresses can be shaped to curly by curling iron. To enjoy bangs you can part your hair into right and left layers and smooth them by blow dryer. Browse more for various styles applied by Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyles
To be looking like Lauren Conrad, wash your hair with shampoo and dry by blow dryer. Now comb hair to crown area of the head. If the tresses are inflexible, apply hair jell to soft them. You can make bun, ponytail, and prom or knotted within updo hairstyles. See following examples.

 Lauren Conrad Updo Hair Styles  Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyle  Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyles Back View
Wash your hair with branded shampoo and dry by blow dryer. Comb hair to crown area of the head. If the tresses are inflexible, apply hair jell or spray to flexible. You can make bun, ponytail, and prom or knotted within updo hairstyles styling to back fabulous view. See following examples.

 Lauren Conrad Updo Hair Styles Back View  Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyle Back View  Lauren Conrad Updo Hairstyles Back View

Lauren Conrad Blonde Ombre Hair
This one is most favorite hairstyle adapted by Lauren Conrad. You can color your hair in blonde texture by branded hair colors available in the market. To enjoy exact look of Lauren Conrad, hair color brand must be standard. Use curling iron to make curls, waves or twists to make or flat iron to make the tresses smooth. Follow the examples below.

 Lauren Conrad Blonde Ombre Hair  Lauren Conrad Blonde Ombre Hairs  Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2014-15

Lauren Conrad Blonde Highlights
Same steps are to be followed as mention above to have blonde Ombre hair, but use specific texture color to have blonde highlights look like Lauren Conrad below.

 Lauren Conrad Blonde Highlights Style  Lauren Conrad Blonde Highlights Hair  Lauren Conrad Blonde Highlights

Lauren Conrad Curly Ponytail
Ponytail is one of the classic hairstyles adapted by Lauren Conrad. If you want to develop hair to this ponytail style, make your hair into one or two parts and straight them with a flat iron, however for curly ponytail use curling iron to make curls. Now tie each part by beautiful hair bows or ponies. Single ponytail made back do can provide you a professional look. However side ponytail creates a girlish look as you are going to school or college.

 Lauren Conrad Curly Ponytail Hairstyles  Lauren Conrad Curly Ponytail  Lauren Conrad Curly Ponytails

Lauren Conrad Bangs Hairstyles
Bangs are most frequently used style by Lauren Conrad that provides her prince’s look while she appears publically. Wash your hair, dry and shape them into side, straight or swept bangs combing down ornately. Hair jells and spray play vital role to shine the bangs. Let see following examples.

 Lauren Conrad Visits the Young Hollywood Studio  Lauren Conrad Bangs Hairstyle  Lauren Conrad Bangs Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Wedding Hair
In below you can review beautiful and outstanding wedding hairstyles adapted by Lauren Conrad. Wedding is a special ceremony and you need some professional touch to your personality. You can get a visual guide from following styles within close review.

Lauren Conrad Wedding Hair

Lauren Conrad Braids Hairstyles
Braids promoted with three strands intertwined each other is very fantastic style occasionally used by Lauren Conrad. However single strand braid may also beautiful when the hair are fluffy and sleek. Let see the picture here.

 Lauren Conrad Braids Hairstyles 2014  Lauren Conrad Braids Hairstyles 2015  Lauren Conrad Braids Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Short Hairstyle
Sometime Lauren Conrad appears with her short haircuts as you can see in following picture examples.

 Lauren Conrad Short Hairstyles 2014  Lauren Conrad Short Hairstyles 2015  Lauren Conrad Short Hairstyles