Marwa Hamed is famous competent designer to produce fashion trendy modern hijabs (scarves) styles. Currently the trend of wearing modern hijab is experiencing an upward trend with the induction of new styles. Various renowned fashion designers have introduced their exclusive range for scarves in beautiful designs but the most distinguishing feature of Marwa Hamed’s collection is its tying style and it has gained world fame in very short time. We have also added smashing images to give you clear idea about it.

The modern wish for modesty with the need to look stylish has provided surge to hijab fashion trends. With the revolution in this segment, classy designs with new wearing approaches have been exuded to enhance the elegance of woman. Now hijab has become an evident part of girls’ wardrobe. For Muslim woman, head wears carry more significance due to the religious values. It gives you a new spirit of humility and modesty with an ultra mod look. Talking about the Marwa Hamed hijab styles, it is synonymous to serenity and agility. The soothing and sublime color combination and unique style of covering head make the scarves just outstanding.

Modern Hijab Styles by Marwa Hamed

Marwa Hamed’s styles conform to ultimate feminine look along with decency. The shape of head wears is either rectangular or plaited scarves. Moreover, the stuff also varies depending upon the seasonal trends which include silk, pashmina, cotton and chiffon. A supreme variety is available both in plain and printed hijabs as well. Let us check out following astonishing hijab styles which are presented in a creative way.

Cute Back Tie Hijab Style;

It is generally observed that girls always desires for an elegant and modern look in update manner. To fulfill this desire, this style of Marwa Hamed is splendid and it ensures a gorgeous appearance. To get this idea, take a long width scarf with strips on front side. Now put the scarf over your head and bind the two strips at the back of your neck. Now start wrapping the scarf from right front by setting the other end free. After two consecutive folds, knot the free end with the folded end against your ear side. Thus a beautiful dome will appear giving you an amazing look.

Marwa Hamed’s Modern Hijab Style-1
Cute Back Tie Hijab Style by Marwa Hamed

Side Knott Hijab Style;

One particular character of these styles presented by Marwa Hamed is that you can wear them without any scarf accessories. Another very innovative way of carrying scarf is side Knott which gives you a sweet and lovely look. To adapt this style, cover your hair in under scarf cap first. After this, put one section of scarf at the front and use the other to overlap around your neck and head. In the end, bind the ends of scarf in butterfly knot at the right front of head. For this style, chiffon stuff goes well. Just go through the striking pictures given below to this idea.

Marwa Hamed’s Modern Hijab Style-2
Side Knott Hijab Style by Marwa Hamed

Gorgeous Tuck Tie Hijab Style;

Hijab embodies you not only self confidence but also raises the stature of your groomed personality in the society. In this simple and sophisticated style, you have to wear the hijab cap first to hold your hair. After it, just cover your head in two folds and tuck the other side of scarf inside the cap along your left front. This is very easy style which will surely give you adorable look. For this style, you can take silk stuff or pashmina either in printed or plane. Marwa Hamed has designed this style as you can carry it in your day to day activities.

Marwa Hamed’s Modern Hijab Style-3
Gorgeous Tuck Tie Hijab Style

Classy Loose Tie Hijab Style;

Another very interesting way to hold head cover is loose tie hijab style. To gain this idea, take the scarf and set one side free on your back and the rest is folded over head. Just incorporate the last end at the front near your forehead. This style will not only covers your hair but also gives you a fascinating charm. You can carry this style for ceremonial functions as well. Furthermore, it is the best option for round face shape. The following hijab style gives you a remarkable view in this context.

Marwa Hamed’s Modern Hijab Style-4
Classy Loose Tie Hijab Style by Marwa Hamed

To culminate the above discussion, we can say that modern hijab or scarves have become an alluring feature of dressing nowadays. You have to choose head wears according to your face shape and the current fashion trends. Moreover, the popularity of the hijab is rising continuously in a fast pace in this modern era. After reviewing the whole modern hijab styling, we have concluded Marwa Hamed has introduced really an outstanding and striking collection for girls and working women to chase the fashion trends wholly. We hope that these styles by Marwa Hamed will offer you the best ideas to enjoy the perfect beauty. Your kind comments about subsequent collection surely will assist us how we can make our collections more worthy.

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