Ornately arrayed elegant special edition Muslim scarf styles pictures 2015 for Malay girls is published simply to serve the Malaysian Muslim families who want to have modest clothing for their beloved girls and women. Malaysia is a Muslim country where more than 70% females wear scarves either in house or going to office. College going girls are highly emphasized to wear scarves because Malay parents feel it a natural protection from evil. The post includes Muslim scarf’s pictures visible in different stuffs, colors and styles to make it possible what Muslim head scarf styles are suited in accordance the personality of a Malay young girl.

The word scarf is an English word which can be translated in the words Hijab, Naqab, Burqa and other English words curtain, veil etc. Wearing scarf is a fashion which provides a modesty and self esteem to Muslim girls and women on one side, however on other side it provides a trendy fashion stuffs to cover the heads and faces. So scarf (hijab) fashion styles posted below in collection can also be known best beautiful Muslim girls/women hijab styles for 2014 generally and current fashion tendency for Malay girls particularly.

Muslim Scarf Styles Pictures 2014 for Malay GirlsOne of the Muslim Scarf Styles Pictures 2015 for Malay Girls

If we go in depth and try to know the historical facts of Malaysia, we find three types of people are mainly dominating the Malay society; Malaysian, Chinese and Indian people. Chinese and Indian have big influences on the Malay’s habits and fashion trends. Although Chinese and Indian are counted in minorities but their keen interests in economy and other Malay life cycles do never leave them behind the big contributor in the society. Chinese and Indian fashions have a clear impact on Malaysian fashions. Scarf or Hijab fashion is also one of them. Malaysian girl’s Muslim scarf styles and trends seem mixture of Chinese, Indian, little touch of western fashions and Malaysian traditional clothing.

Malay College Girl with Muslim Scarf Head PieceMalay College Girl with Muslim Scarf Head Piece

There is so many other scarf fashion style’s adaption in different Muslim communities. Most famous scarf or Hijab trends are Arabic Hijab, Turkish Hijab, Egyptian Hijab, Asian Hijab, European Hijab, and American Hijab. In this post we will try to imagine the elegancy of Malay scarf or hijab stuffs and trends comparatively others.

Malaysian Women Dress Up with Baju Kurung ScarvesMalaysian Women Dress Up with Baju Kurung Scarves

Baju Kurung is most famously known as Islam compatible dress in Malaysia. Baju Kurung consists a long, loose fitting, knee lengthy, long sleeved blouse tube type skirt covering the whole lower body below neck. To cover the head and neck many types of Muslim simple scarves and head scarves are worn to enjoy the real modesty for Malay young girls as well as aged women. Subsequent scarf styles pictures 2015 are exactly meeting all the requirements what Malay girls/women want to have trendy fashion stuffs in scarves and hijabs.

If we vast our observations we can clearly seen Malaysian scarf fashion pictures and styles are matching with Indonesian’s cultural values. You know Indonesia is also world’s largest Muslim country neighboring Malaysia and majority of Muslims in Indonesian females also likes to wear scarves. So following elegant and out of box Muslim scarf styles pictures 2015 is enough to assist the Malaysian girls as well as Indonesian girls.

Malay Women Baju Kurung Scarf Style Picture 2014Malay Women Baju Kurung Scarf Style Picture 2015


Malay Working Women Scarf Style Picture 2014 TrendMalay Working Women Scarf Style Picture 2015 Trend

Right now in below you can visualize great elegancy of the serial collection of Muslim scarf (Hijab) styles pictures 2015 for Malay girls particularly and for Muslim girls worldwide generally. Be sure following trendy fashioned scarf or hijab styles pictures can be well thought-out the stuffs for 2014 in current race of the fashion world in specific societies like as Malaysia on this page.

Here I would like to read your few appreciative words in the comments box given below. I will say welcome your healthy suggestions to make my efforts more comfort and easily to understand. Let me to reveal the Malay girl’s scarf styles.

Elegant Collection for the Muslim Scarf Styles Pictures 2015 for Malay Girls