Strawberry is most essential edible wild berry fruit which owns much richest nutritional values for human health. Due to its importance, it feels compulsory to discuss about pictures, health benefits and nutrition facts of strawberries for humanity. This article surely covers all discussions about strawberries in short but comprehensively.

All kind of fresh fruits are most important for human. Fruits are big source of calcium, minerals, iron, Vitamins and much other nutrition needed to human body. Strawberry is one of the important fruits which have the food values as well as medicinal values for human body’s health. The people who know about the nutritional ingredients of strawberries, they always try to make the strawberries part of their daily diet. Normally season of strawberry is starts within the start of summers but nowadays mostly people store the fruit in their freezers to be used for months long. It can be intake in sold shape or in juice shape; both ways of in taking are much delicious. In below I would like to classify the details into parts so that understandings can be made possible.

Pictures, Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts of StrawberriesApproach The Pictures, Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts of Strawberries

Basic Information about Strawberry Fruit;
Basically strawberry is a wild fruit which was being used in older times for medical purpose due to its medicinal nutritional properties. Eventually the fruit was appreciated by its valuable importance and was being cultivated in gardens by Romans and French’s in 18th century. Strawberry’s botanic name is “Fragaria” and literary known by simple word “Strawberry”. Normally it is found in red golden colors. Strawberries got popularity due to its attractive body shape, delicious and sweetness taste in sold as well as juicy texture. Currently it is being used as edible, juice, ice cream, milkshakes, salads and chocolates.

Size of the Strawberry fruit is not much bigger; it is 1.5 inches long, 1 inch wide approximately. Its plant is just like a vine plant which can be seen in following strawberry plant pictures.

Strawberry Plant’s Pictures

History and Cultivation of Strawberry Fruit;
As above I have mentioned, in older times strawberry was just used for medical purpose. In early history of 15th the strawberry fruit commonly got popularity and was being used as food because health benefits and nutrition facts had been researched gradually. In 18th century Romans and French people started to cultivate the strawberry as a food crop, eventually it was being cultivated in whole world. Nowadays strawberry fruit is cultivated and harvested in tones every year worldwide. Following table includes the countries that are producing strawberry largely.

World’s Largest Countries Producing Strawberry Fruit
Largest Strawberry Producing Countries List

Nutritional Facts of Strawberry Fruit;
Following table shows nutrient properties in per 100 gram strawberry. All figures are collected from USDA Nutrient Database; figures are approximately very close to exact.

Nutrition Name Value Nutrition Name Value
Energy 136 kJ Folate 24 μg
Carbohydrates 7.68g Vitamin K 2.2μg
Sugars 4.89g Fluoride 4.4 μg
Dietary Fiber 2.00g Choline 5.7mg
Fat 0.30g Vitamin-C 58.8mg
Protein 0.67g Vitamin-E 0.29mg
Thiamine (vit. B1) .024mg Calcium 16.0mg
Riboflavin (vit. B2) .022mg Iron 0.41mg
Niacin (vit. B3) .386mg Magnesium 13.0mg
Pantothenic acid B5 .125mg Manganese 0.386mg
Vitamin B6 .047mg Phosphorus 24.0mg
Sodium 1.0mg Potassium 153.0mg
Zinc 0.14mg

 How to Store Fresh Strawberries

Health Benefits of Strawberry Fruit;
In above you have read strawberry includes highly richest nutrient properties which are basic essentials for human health. Research has proved use of 8 pieces of strawberry fruit in daily diet leaves much positive impact on a normal human’s health. It prevents numerous toxic’s attack to human’s health and cures from many diseases. Let see what health benefits of strawberry fruit has on human’s health.

  • Strawberry Cures from Blood Sugar;
    Several healthy studies are found, regular use of strawberry cures human from blood sugar which is known as chronic disease. Intake of 6 to 8 pieces of strawberry daily is highly beneficial to minimize the risk of diabetes.
  • Strawberry is Beneficial For Heart;
    Disturbance in heart beat is a leading cause to death. Usage of strawberries in daily diet can cure the human from heart diseases. It is highly supportive to smooth heart beat and heart functionality. Important nutrient ellagic acid and flavonoids play an important role to maintain cholesterol level in the blood.
  • Strawberry is Beneficial in Anti-Cancer;
    Antioxidant nutrients and un-supported oxygen metabolism are mostly the primary reasons in the development of cancer disease. So strawberry protects the body from cancer due to its risk reducing properties because strawberry owns outstanding antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrient properties. The other important nutrient ingredient ellagic and ellagitannins in strawberry play a vital role to protect the human body from cancer.
  • Strawberry is Beneficial in Constipation;
    Strawberry includes a substantial amount of Carbohydrates and dietary fibers which are highly helpful to normalize human’s stomach enzymes and these risk-lowering nutrients protect the stomach from constipation problems.
  • Strawberry is Beneficial for Skin;
    Strawberry is a big source of antioxidants like vitamin C which protects the skin from toxics. Regular use of strawberries is a perfect measure to cure the skin from wrinkles, pimples, rashes etc. Use of strawberry provides a note able shining and glow to the skin.
  • Strawberry is Beneficial for Eyes;
    Vitamin E is one of the richest property found in the strawberry which is highly helpful to keep eyes healthy. Vitamin C plays a vital role to strengthening the eye’s cornea, retina and it enhances the visual power of the eyes.
  • Strawberry Reduces Inflammation;
    Phytochemicals and antioxidants nutrient properties found in the strawberries are helpful in reducing the inflammation of joints. Use of strawberry is very perfect protecting measure defending from arthritis.
  • Strawberry Reduces Weight;
    Naturally strawberries are low calorie, fat free and balanced nutrient berry fruit which may protects the body to get weight. Healthy weight is the big reason for two chronic diseases like diabetes and heart beat problems. So regular use of strawberry can be listed in necessities of our daily diet.
  • Beneficial In Pregnancy;
    The pregnant women are highly recommended to use the strawberries because strawberries are beneficial to stable the heart beat during delivery time.

Pictures and Images of Strawberry Fruits;
Consequently I would like to post few pictures and images of strawberry fruits for visual study. This section includes different pictures of strawberries of all stages; from cultivate to market. Strawberry is a berry fruit and perishable in very short time. Following pictures and images show how strawberries are requiring caring from growing, cropping and packing to market. Surely it may be interestingly for kids who want to see the strawberry in all growing stages. Let me to see the pictures and images of strawberries.

Collection of Pictures and Images of Strawberries

Different Uses of Strawberries;
Strawberry berry fruit is delicious and likely to be used by every age of human. Kids, young’s and older intake this delicious food in different ways which may be as;

  • Strawberry can be eaten in fresh,
  • Strawberry can be used for milkshake,
  • Strawberry can be used for juices,
  • Strawberry can be used for Ice-cream,
  • Strawberry can be used for Cake Making,
  • Strawberry can be used for cooking,
  • Strawberry can be used for fruitchats,
  • Strawberry can be used for Skin Toner,
  • Strawberry can be used for hair shiner.

HD Wallpapers of Strawberries;
This section includes few HD wallpapers of strawberries fruits to make the device’s displays most alluring, beautiful, and striking. Immediately review the each wallpaper of strawberry and change your current boring wallpaper background with new irresistible and imposing wallpaper background of fresh strawberry fruits. Every next wallpaper is differ in style than every previous. Fresh strawberry wallpapers are in high definition and high quality owning 1024×768 pixels resolution which standard resolution and can be used frequently on all landscape screen dimensions. Just review the following wide range collection gallery and download your desired high resolution wallpaper background theme for the desktop to set on displays.

Let me to have examination glance to the fresh fruits wallpapers of strawberries.

Collection for the HD Wallpapers of Strawberries
Resolutions: 1024×768 Pixels