Sunflowers picture gallery free download includes three segments such as sunflowers pictures, its growing duration and seeds pictures to explain its characteristics in widespread way. The sunflowers, which are known Helianthus annuus botanically, are highly popular due to its brightly yellow blooms. Sunflowers are cultivated yearly largely almost all parts of the world, however North America, China and India are the tremendously producer of sunflowers.

Basically sunflower is an edible flower, its plants, flowers and seeds all useful for humanity. Most important parts of the plant are flowers and seeds. Flowers are used to beautify the things and some time flowers have their medicinal use, nevertheless, seeds are used to produce cooking oil and other food items. Many people grow sunflowers to beautify their lawns and garden but mostly its cultivation is done on commercial basis to earn money. If we try to know about sunflowers in general context, we will find it most favorite flower for kids, young and elders. Blooming beauty of its flowers and movement with sun rays is definitely an inspiring element to make it really striking.

Sunflowers Picture Gallery Free Download

Sunflowers Country of Origin and History;

Anciently the sunflowers were grown domestically 1000 BC in North America because those people were fully aware to its richest value of highly healthful seed’s oil. They were also used it as an important food source in different shapes. In 1600s, some European explorers introduced sunflower’s plant to Europe and its cultivation was started. Eventually in 1900s, farming of sunflower spread to far areas of Europe and also in Asia. Now this beautiful, healthful and charming plant is being grown almost all continents domestically and commercially as well.

Sunflowers Facts and Information

Sunflower owns some interesting facts and features. An average sunflower plant grows up to six feet tall having one or several composite blooms known as head. The stem of flower is not woody but it is just like strong vine. The flower having furry leaves include many little florets attached each other. Outer side has long petals but inner side has beautiful round linear pinnacles grow to seeds. Gradually petals fall off and seed is ready to use. Yellow, white, orange and maroon are the beautiful colors of sunflowers.

Sunflowers Facts and Information

Most amazing fact about the sunflower is, it is a tropically blooming flower facing the sun rays with movement of sun. The blooms face east in morning but slowly follow the sun rays across the sky. In evening, it turned back to face the east once more. This exercise continues every morning until the blooms go to mature sunflower ready to crop. The flowers are useable in medicines, seeds are edible and cropped plant sticks are used as fuel to make foods in rural areas.

The plant has long roots down in the earth up to six feet. It can be cultivated in full fertile land with a unique climate. It is fully capable to tolerate the dry spells but it is not categorized as drought resistant plant.

Sunflower Crop Cultivation

70-78°F (21-25.5°C) climates are most appropriate weather condition to grow sunflower crop. Normally sunflower plant survives frost, but it could also be damaged to die if it is subjected to face crucial cold. Best time of crop cultivation is summer temperature stay on top cooling. Seeds are planted deep in the earth in specific distance rows. Fertile soil is best place to grow the crop.

Sunflower Crop Cultivation

Growing Sunflowers Pictures

In below we are publishing few pictures of growing sunflower’s plants so that our respective reader can view the exact plant while it is in earlier days of its growth. You can review an explanatory evolution of plants. Let see the pictures.

How Sunflowers can be used?

As mentioned above the sunflower is highly popular due to its beautiful colors and factual characteristics. How sunflowers can be beneficial for people, let note following points.

  • Sunflowers are used to beautify the lawns and garden.
  • Beautiful and stunning snaps of sunflowers are being displayed as E-screens backgrounds wallpaper displays.
  • Seeds of sunflowers are used to make cooking oil and many other food items. Healthy seeds have a high volume of oil content 39 to 49%.
  • Sunflower’s seed oil is used to make many readymade snacks like chips, sweets, potato chips in delicious flavors.
  • Sunflower seed has its wider medicinal use as internal and external use as well.
  • Sunflower is a good money generating crop for a former.

Growing Sunflower Seeds to Eat

In this segment, few pictures of sunflower seeds are shown when these are cropped after maturity. You can see all stages how seeds cultivated; grown, cropped, stored and processed to eat as mentioned above it is edible seed. Review following pictures in this context.

Sunflowers Pictures Free Download

Above discussion make us able to understand the importance of sunflowers. In below segment we are showing few pictures which are absolutely free downloadable for different purposes. You can download these stunning pictures to decorate your room, lawns and other living places. Set it on display background and enjoy really a fantastic and smooth background on your laptop, computer or mobile. All resolution are available flexible to your dimensions. Let see the pictures.

Sunflowers Picture Gallery Free Download